Welcome from the Dean, Neil Gordon

I remember a discussion at a recent conference of Cathedral Deans from across North America about how many of our cathedrals are downtown and overshadowed by taller buildings, almost to the point where we are hidden from the view of the world.

The Dean from Boston said that one observer had remarked at how the Cathedral embedded among huge tall buildings actually reminded him of a stable. The person further remarked “You should be okay with that, right? Isn’t that how things started?”

All Saints’ Cathedral in downtown Edmonton is similarly surrounded by taller buildings, and I like the idea that we might be like a stable where incarnate life resides, like so long ago in Bethlehem. I love the metaphor because it speaks to the idea of a God who dwells within us, a God who has come forth from heaven to reside with us, in all humility. I am also appreciative of the fact that this small child grows and moves forth from the stable, from Nazareth and goes out into the the world to proclaim the gospel and to bring life to those He meets. I can think of no better prayer for a parish than that it might be a place where the living and Holy One is present, and the place from which the holy people of God go forth to share their God and His vision with the world. l would invite you, like the angels invited the shepherds long ago, to come and behold Him… to come and experience God and have Him touch your life, to perhaps join with us to become that holy people that God seeks so much to create, and to be a people that goes forth to proclaim and to share that God with the world. And, in that meeting and community and working together that we might grow into the fullness of Christ.

At All Saints’, we believe faith formation is a lifetime experience, beginning at infancy and extending through every stage of our lives, and that intentional practice makes us a better community and better Christians. We believe God does in fact love the world (the entire world) so much that God sent Jesus, and we try to welcome everyone to the feast as Jesus did.

This is an Anglican Cathedral, your Anglican cathedral. Please join us to worship and serve God. I think it could change your life. I know your presence, skills and passion will change ours.

In Christ,

the Very Reverend Neil S. Gordon

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