2018 Annual Meeting February 11th

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Our AGM will be held on Saturday February 11th at noon, following a joint service held at 10:30am. The annual report will be made available Sunday February 4th.
Those groups or committees wishing to have their report included should have their reports in by Sunday January 28th.

Services times December 24th and 25th

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December 24 Advent IV/Christmas Eve

8 AM Holy Communion

9:15 AM Holy Eucharist

11 AM Choral Eucharist

4:30 PM Children’s Service with Eucharist.

7:00 PM Carols and Eucharist

11 PM Christmas Choral Mass


December 25 Christmas Day

10:30 AM Holy Eucharist


Thursday, December 28

12:10 PM Eucharist


December 31, Christmas I

8:00 AM Holy Communion (BCP)

9:15 AM Holy Eucharist

11:00 AM Holy Eucharist

Dean Neil’s (famous) Christmas Quiz

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Here is the Dean’s annual Christmas Quiz – edition 2017

  1. Who is Parson Brown?
  2. Who decided the date for Christmas would be December 25?
  3. Bert and Ernie are both characters on Sesame Street. What holiday movie has characters with the same names (not a Muppet movie)?
  4. In 1967 what popular game was the must have gift that year (hint G-4)?
  5. Rollo and Reginald were original names for what popular Christmas character?
  6. Who baptized 10,000 people on Christmas Day?
  7. What is the capital of Christmas Island?
  8. Who said the following (he died on Christmas Day ):“How well I remember one Christmas Day sitting on that same seat at Hanwell school, weeping copious tears. The day before I had committed some breach of rules. As we came into the dining-room for Christmas dinner we were to be given two oranges and a bag of sweets. . .I am speculating what I shall do with mine. I shall save the peel and the sweets I shall eat one a day. Each child is presented with his treasure as he enters the dining-room. At last it is my turn. But the man puts me aside: ‘Oh, no—you’ll go without for what you did yesterday.’”
  9. What was the original title of ‘Hark! The Herald Angel Sings’?
  10. In the movie ‘Love Actually” Hugh Grant ,who plays the PM, is in real life related to which other actor in this movie?
  11. In Canada, Santa’s zip code is H0H 0H0. What is it in the UK?
  12. On Christmas Day, 1865, what notorious group met for the first time ?
  13. The snow in ‘White Christmas’ was fake. What was it made from?
  14. Who was given a year’s wages on Christmas Day in 1956 so they could finish a novel they were writing and what was that novel?
  15. Cary Grant and Clark Gable used to meet at Christmas to exchange what?
  16. Name three monarchs crowned Christmas Day?
  17. The Holy Synod Of Russian Orthodox Church banned these as ‘too German’ in 1916, but Bolsheviks reversed the ban when they came to power in 1917. What are they?
  18. What church council in what year declared the 12 days from Christmas to be sacred .
  19.  In what year was the first book of Carols in English published
  20. The ‘Seinfeld’ episode which introduced Festivus aired 20 years ago this year.   What is the name of the Episode?
  21. What is the name of the book published this year in response to upset tweets that an African -American man was hired to be Santa at the Mall of America?
  22. How long was the season of Yule in pre-Christian northern Europe?
  23.  What popular holiday song was written during the Cuban missile crisis and was a plea for peace
  24. What Christmas item gets its name from the old French word estincelle, which means “spark”? 25.
  25. A plump, bearded Dutchman took this author by sleigh on Christmas errands through the snow-covered streets of the city where his father was bishop, and the fellow inspired him to write a well-known Christmas story, Who is he?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Please have your answers into the office by Dec. 22 or email the Dean at ngordon@shaw.ca .
    Winner will be announced at the Christmas Eve services


Advent/Christmas 2017 Newsletter

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Advent Newsletter for 2017

Advent Wednesday evening Bible study. Dec 6, 13 & 20th

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Wednesday Evening Advent Study  7pm

During the season we will have a series of three lectures/presentations which should greatly enhance our appreciation and understanding of bother advent and Christmas.

Every year we light four Advent candles during the Sundays of Advent symbolizing Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love. These four concepts have special significance at this time of the year and are mentioned frequently in scriptures and hymns and the liturgy during the season.

On Wednesday evenings starting at 7 PM we will look more closely at the special meaning hope, peace, joy and love have at this time of the year and how that informs our discipleship.


Dec. 6 Hopes and Fears of All the Years

The Rev. Quinn will give a presentation on the importance of hope within the Advent season and as a key aspect of discipleship


Dec. 13 Peace and Joy

The Dean will give a presentation on the meaning of peace and joy within the Advent season and as a key aspect of discipleship.


Dec, 20 Love Is All Around

The Dean and the Vicar together will discuss the meaning of love as presented in the Advent season and as a key aspect of discipleship


Blue Christmas Service, December 17th at 7pm

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Blue Christmas Service

 Sunday, December 17th at 7pm.

Using the music of Taizé, this service is a time for those who feel sorrow and pain at this time of the year. It is a time to gather, to pray, to worship and to let His grace work among us and heal us.

Advent/Christmas 2017 letter from the Dean

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The Dean’s letter for Advent/Christmas 2017

A Sunday School teacher once explained Advent to our class back in the 1960s along these lines: “Advent is four weeks long and it’s about shopping . You go and it’s about getting for this one and that one, and taking and getting and wrapping. Your hands are always going like this, like a crow (imagine the movements of a very busy crow.)  You get gifts, the food, the wrapping, put up lights and put up guests. But at Christmas you get to just put your hands out and receive. That’s why you get presents then.”

Occasionally I recall the Advent/ crows connection as I hurry about in the mall, but  I have always remembered that simple way of explaining Christmas: receiving.  Many of us, including myself, have always struggled with receiving things or comments. Our society would seem to be very good at taking and getting and acquiring but that is not the same as receiving.  In truth, we especially struggle to receive all God wishes to share with us. We need to learn how to receive the Gift given to us or the gifts, material or others, shared with us.  I would encourage you to ask or to think about what God wishes to share with you and to pray for the grace to receive it.

A good starting point here is go easy on yourselves during this season. .  We plan and organize so much and often we create unreasonable hopes and expectations which set us up for disappointment.  We try so hard to determine what we will receive.  Rather than try to control or predict what will take place or what you receive,  see how God breaks into unplanned moments.  Events which did not go well often reveal grace, humor, and deeper things which inform our lives.  Quiet and random moments may reveal a presence and peace not our own.  Broken ornaments or an appetizer that didn’t turn out may remind us of what truly matters.

Christmas is beyond our control. Ask Mary, Joseph, the shepherds, or the magi in the biblical accounts of the Nativity.   Look back on your own life and you will see that  many of our most formative moments were absolute gifts. We did not ask for them and may not have been ready for them, but God used them nonetheless.   All we are asked to do is make room for them and to receive with God’s grace.  May God bless you this season and give you the grace to receive whatever He offers you.

In Christ,   Neil

Friday Breakfast begins November 3.

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Again this fall and winter, the All Saints’ community welcomes you to breakfast on Friday mornings.  Doors open at 7:30.
Reverend Quinn Stirkwerda will be our leader this year, please talk to him if you would like to be a volunteer for this heartwarming and important ministry.

Sunday School fall 2017

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Sunday School returns on September 3rd. This year Sunday School is offered at the 9:15 and 11 am services

New Vicar at All Saints

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Quinn Strikwerda (1)


All Saints’ welcome back the Rev. Quinn Strikwerda as interim vicar.

Tax Clinic at All Saints.

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